We are volunteers.

From independent reporters to attorneys, stay at home moms and dads, professors, retirees, scientists, business professionals, students… we operate as a collective of volunteers organizing to ensure that the information people use to make decisions is accurate and objective.*

We are progressive.

Progressives believe in focusing on policy over party, and policy over profit. This is in direct conflict with corporate media since they have a profit motive and their decisions are based on that bottom line.

Corporate media also has close ties to D.C. and corporate legislators. This lifestyle provides a bias to the establishment where otherwise good people have developed a narrow version of reality, removed from the struggles of the everyday person. This is not unlike what happens to legislators once they’ve been in office for awhile, or the elite class in general. Both the Left and Right do this.

Progressives believe in using research to make decisions, and using facts to debate policies. When the facts do not serve the interests of the elite class, whether it be Republicans or Democrats, policies are either dismissed or smeared with misinformation and downright propaganda.

While progressives tend to be Democrats in what is unfortunately a two-party system, they are also independents, Green party, Libertarians, and Republicans, amongst others. The media at large has contempt for us and, as a result, either peddles misinformation about progressives or ignores us altogether.

Therefore, we exist to set the record straight about:

  1. What it means to be progressive
  2. The policies that must be passed to protect our communities, regardless of political party or wealth
  3. How it is possible to debate solutions without dividing our country

Click here to read more about how we define “progressive.”

We are taking action.

For far too long the government, media, and the elite class have dominated the conversation in our living rooms. In defense of our families, in the pursuit of truth, compassion for one another, and democratic ideals – we exist to hold our government and media accountable. We will no longer sit back and simply complain, nor will we allow them to make us apathetic.

We refuse to give up our power to those who do not have our best interests in mind. We will no longer be passive recipients of news. We will no longer scream into the void and feel helpless. We are taking action.

While we do fact check, we are not another fact checking organization. While we do report our findings, we are not another independent news source. Our ultimate goal is to stop the attack on our ability as a society to critically think and engage in constructive dialogue, democratically participate in our government, and have our opinions be heard and taken seriously by our representatives. As a result, we aim to empower people with information, while also holding journalists and online users accountable for spreading misinformation or propaganda.

Everything we fact check, every product we produce for reporting, is taken directly to the audience of the original publication, and to the person who is spreading that misinformation or propaganda.

*We have one paid part-time position to oversee the TYT Army.