There are several ways you can help with our posts:

  1. Share, like, and comment on our social media posts
  2. Create your own social media post
  3. Respond to the social media post from the author
  4. Privately contact the relevant people via email and/or phone

Every post on our website includes the following:

  1. CONTEXT about the topic. Each “debunked” post includes the original submission, context about the topic, facts to debunk, and ways you can take action. Each “informed” post includes context about the topic, facts to learn more and help inform others, and ways you can take action.
  2. FACT SHEET to help you create your own post, comment, and discuss the issue with others. Each fact sheet contains main points that synthesize the issue. Each main point is supported with evidence cited with sources.
    1. We provide a quick snapshot of the issues and facts so that you can then decide how you want to use them. You do not have to use any of the information provided. You can copy/paste. You can put it in your own words (our recommendation). This is open-source information.
  3. HASHTAGS that are related to the topic. A maximum of two is the recommendation from Twitter.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS of people and organizations related to the topic. This helps you to speak directly to them or include them in the conversation.
  5. EMAILS AND PHONE NUMBERS of relevant parties when applicable.

We produce two types of posts for you take action on.

  1. DEBUNKED. These come from submissions sent to us by you that have been identified as media bias or propaganda. Read here about how we process submissions.
  2. INFORMED. These come from submissions sent to us by you about policies or candidates we support based on our research. Read here about how we do this.

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Have you thought of something we haven’t? Do you have a question for us? We welcome and rely on your feedback.

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