The TYT Army exists to hold journalists accountable for media bias, and anyone accountable for circulating propaganda.

A democratic government relies on its citizens to participate. A healthy government relies on those citizens to be informed, think critically, and engage in productive conversations. People become informed through many types of mediums, including formal education, television, internet, books, articles, magazines, experiences, and conversations with others where people reproduce the information they learn. In this way, media is more than just television, and people are consumers of information throughout the day. This is why it is important that people know how to identify blatantly false or misleading information.

We exist to return our government and media to we the people so that we can critically think and debate in healthy ways, for this is crucial to a thriving democratic state.

Since the news reports information about our government, the policies that affect our lives, and the candidates we vote for, it is critical that the information reported is reliable, sources are transparent, and that reporters are honest about their biases. All of this influences the way people think, talk, interact with one another, and ultimately make their decisions. These decisions often find themselves at the ballot box.

As more and more people get their news online, social media is also playing an important role in information dissemination. Since the information people find online and on mainstream news is then circulated via online memes and discussion forums, it is imperative that the information being circulated is also held accountable for accuracy and objectivity.

Media can be used to further the agenda of a particular political party or a specific economic class, or to serve as a means to inform the populace and encourage critical thinking and healthy debate among citizens. With advances in technology, psychology, and marketing, media has increasingly learned how to use their power of the press to quickly and effectively disseminate their bias to the masses. And when “six corporations control 90% of media in America,” this power is that much more concerning.

We exist to insist that the information citizens receive is objective, and that media biases are as transparent as possible.

We are specifically fighting back against:

  • media bias
  • misinformation
  • propaganda

Studies continually show that the vast majority of people support policies that prioritize people over profit, from healthcare to the economy to money’s influence in our elections. Despite this, or because of it, we see the media and political parties working to divide us rather than unite us, and most definitely not effectively addressing the issues facing our communities. We will no longer be silenced.