We work hard to ensure that we are operating in the same fashion that we are fighting for – transparently, democratically, and objectively. To achieve this, we have 4 main teams that produce our stories.

  • Task Force 1–Lookouts: receives a “submission” from the public and vets it for media bias and/or propaganda. If it qualifies, it is sent to Task Force 2. Click here to send us your submission.
  • Task Force 2–Analysis: fact checks the submission and researches funding and background of involved parties.
  • Task Force 3–Reporting: utilizes the research from Task Force 2 in order to create products that are posted on our website and disseminated online.
  • Task Force 4–Handlers: is what makes the TYT Army unique. This team disseminates our products from Task Force 3, ensuring that as many people as possible are informed and that journalists and circulators of propaganda are held accountable.

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