TYT Army Colorado – Our Mission

The Colorado TYT Army chapter is part of our nationwide TYT Army whose focus is to build local chapters throughout the country so that we can connect with others in our local and state communities to help get progressive policies passed at the local, state, and federal level. 

We do this by working with progressive candidates, legislators, organizations, and other influencers. Everything we do is in line with the TYT Army mission to focus on combating bias and propaganda, as well as inform people about policies that affect our lives so that we can help create the change that we seek.

In order to fulfill our mission, we are committed to our TYT Army Core Values.

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Higher Wages, Medicare for All, Green New Deal, College for All, End the Corruption!
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Volunteer With Us

Email tytarmycolorado@gmail.com to volunteer with our local team.
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Currently coordinating events for the summer.
Please join our meetings to learn more.

Join Our Next Meeting

We love newcomers and look forward to meeting you!
When: Every other Sunday at 11am
Where: Conference Call
How: Email tytarmycolorado@gmail.com for call information.

Current Projects

  • Finding a progressive candidate for Congressional District 3 to challenge Rep. Lauren Boebert
  • Homelessness Ballot Initiative – collaborating with Democratic Socialists of America to get this initiative on the ballot
  • Single Payer Healthcare Ballot Initiative – collaborating with several organizations to get this initiative on the ballot

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