The Real Election Fraud? Voter Suppression.
Repeated claims of voter fraud levied by President Trump and Republican lawmakers were so baseless as to result in dozens of rejected lawsuits in state and federal courts and distracted from the real story of the 2020 election cycle: the ramped up efforts of suppressing the vote.
by Michael Berlind, TYT Army

Washington Post Wants a Repeat of 2016
Washington Post and Journalist Jennifer Rubin Publish Over 20 Attacks Against Bernie Sanders
by Tisha Page, TYT Army

Medicare-for-All opposition on both left and right has a common thread: the Koch brothers
The Urban Institute, Charles Blahous, and the Koch Brothers on Medicare-for-All
by Alison Hartson and Jessica Cresseveur, TYT Army

Substantial Support by Major Labor Unions for Medicare-for-All
Vox co-founder Matthew Yglesias spreads misinformation about Medicare-for-All, deletes entire Twitter feed, but offers no statement of correction.
by Alison Hartson, TYT Army